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London retains Schroders’ Top Global City crown.

London has held on to the top spot in Schroders Global Cities Index for the second year, drawing the asset management giant’s admiration for its “innovation”.

London, Boston, San Francisco, New York and Melbourne are the best global cities, says asset management giant Schroders.

Schroders’ annual index rates global cities using four metrics; economic, environmental, innovation and transport. It aims to “identify those cities with a combination of economic dynamism, world-class universities, forward-thinking environmental policies and excellent transport infrastructure.”

The UK capital was ranked first among its global peers for innovation. Universities and public transport also helped boost London’s overall rating. “These factors help to attract highly paid workers and drive economic growth,” explains the Schroders team. “Universities, in particular, are integral to the future prosperity of a city, as highly qualified graduates earn more money and generate higher tax revenues.”

Boston has overtaken San Francisco to move up to second place in the 2022 index, thanks to its transport infrastructure and contributions to bio-medical research (including the development of Covid-19 vaccines). America’s biggest city, New York, climbs one spot to fourth.

Rank City Country Region Score
1 London United Kingdom Europe 8.85
2 Boston United States North America 8.67
3 San Francisco United States North America 8.54
4 New York United States North America 8.47
5 Melbourne Australia Oceania 8.41
6 Toronto Canada North America 8.36
7 Paris France Europe 8.32
8 Singapore Singapore Asia 8.31
9 Hong Kong China Asia 8.28
10 Chicago United States North America 8.24
11 Sydney Australia Oceania 8.23
12 San Jose United States North America 8.17
13 Philadelphia United States North America 8.10
14 Montréal Canada North America 8.10
15 Los Angeles United States North America 8.09
16 Stockholm Sweden Europe 8.04
17 Seattle United States North America 8.01
18 Manchester United Kingdom Europe 7.98
19 Washington D.C. United States North America 7.97

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